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“Throw him in jail! He won’t give me his animal crackers!”

I pointed to a gray stuffed elephant sitting innocently on a high chair. My 11-year-old brother, who I convinced to be the judge in this scenario, slammed a spoon on the kitchen table.

“Order! Order! Mr. Ears, you’re guilty of eating Jessie’s cupcake. You must give her all of your animal crackers as an apology or go to jail.”

I grinned and took my winnings as my parents continued to cook dinner.

And that was the last time I sued someone.

This was a normal activity for my brother and me when we were kids. We watched way too much¬†Law & Order¬†back in the day and liked to play “Court Time.” I would say it gave us a warped view of the world in which people sued one another every second of the day at the drop …

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