The Advantages of Choosing Composite Fence Panels for Privacy Fences

It used to be the case that residential property owners really only had two options when it came to building privacy fences: wood, and vinyl. Unfortunately, wood fences are quite expensive and require a good deal of maintenance, while vinyl fences tend not to be very durable. Thankfully, though, today composite fence panels offer a better alternative.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

While vinyl is produced using harmful chemicals, the wood grain used to make composite fencing is manufactured primarily from recycled materials. That means there’s no need for using up valuable natural resources to build a new fence and the process of manufacturing the resources that are required is much less harmful to the environment.

They’re Versatile

Composite fencing can be built to suit the property owner’s needs. They can be painted to match the yard’s unique aesthetic and can be cut to meet just about any size requirements. Plus, they can make use of existing fence posts from old wooden fences during installation.

They’re Easy to Install

The fact that composite fencing can be installed using existing posts makes it much easier to install than many alternatives. Once the installation is complete, property owners can benefit from a privacy fence that looks just like wood without the associated cost of traditional fencing.

They’re Durable and Strong

Composite fencing is extremely durable. In fact, it has been proven to have a greater tensile strength than even concrete posts. This makes it better able to withstand the elements no matter what the season, and allows it to be used in almost any environment.

They’re Less Expensive

A composite fence offers all the benefits of wood fencing without the exorbitant cost. The fact that the panels make use of recycled materials makes them cheaper to produce, and the ease of installation helps keep labor costs down. Plus, they’re dual-faced, which means that homeowners can often come to an agreement with their neighbors about splitting installation and material costs.

They Look Beautiful

A composite fence can form the perfect complement to just about any residential yard or garden. Treated composite panels look just like wood, so they can be used in pretty much all the same applications.